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An interview with Susan Winter 

Watch this video to learn more on how Susan Winter, best-selling author and relationship expert has leveraged Magnifi to enhance her coaching business. 



Are you experiencing time leakage?

One of the biggest challenges faced by subject matter experts such as yourself is not being able to charge for all your time, or put another way time leakage.

Whether you are a: Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur, Freelancer, YouTube creator, you're likely giving away free time. In most cases, this is costing you anywhere between 20% of your time. Which equals out to be anywhere between $5,000-$50,000 per year in lost revenue. Money you can't get back. Time to put a cork in your time leakage. 

Still have more questions? No problem.

Call me on Magnifi for free to learn more. Simply download the app for free and search "Diana". When the call button on my profile is green, tap it and let's talk! If it's grey, that means I'm unavailable or in another call and you can send me a free text message. I look forward to speaking with you. Best, Diana

Diana with Magnifi